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Sex And The City

Once upon a time… I was at home, sick. I decided I would have a pause from my CSI marathon watching, because after all I had come to season 7! And I decided to start watching the first season of Sex And The City. I could immediately hear women’s voices in my head discussing over the show, “You are so a Miranda!” “Oh, no you’re a Charlotte, aren’t you?” I must confess I cheated a bit, I have seen the movies and the occasionally episode on TV. But now I can’t stop hearing my thoughts read out by Sarah Jessica Parker, or Carrie, what ever you prefer.

Even though I my self am a teenager, I somehow relate to the thirty-something women. After all, no matter what age, we all search after that boy, that guy or that man. And we all know the stereotypes. We all know the situations, maybe not the exact same but more or less. And we all have that one thing in common: unlucky in love. Am I right? Well, not everyone. But that’s the purpose of the series, to show women everywhere, in any age, that they are not alone. That is also the main occupation of the main character, Carrie.

The series just proves one thing: women sells best. When the series were at it’s highest thousands – or maybe millions – of women gathered in front of the TV to watch the miserable women of Manhattan search for their one and only, or one time thing in some cases. The women would then pick up the phone and talk it all out with their friends. They would meet in coffeehouses the next day, or simply just chat it out at work. Either way, everyone watched Sex And The City. Well, maybe not everyone, but close. The series isn’t that much of a hit anymore, but as I mentioned the movies are. And thousands – or millions – of teenage girls sets the DVD in the player and have a real girls night watching the now forty-something women travel the world. And once again you can hear the streets, no walls – more specifically: facebook walls – fill up with the same sentences, “Oh you are such a Carrie, and you know it!” Oh yes, times have not changed as much as we thought they had. And I’m still in bed anxious to see the next episode of the thirty-something women’s next adventures… And they all lived happily ever after?

“Daydreamer. Sitting on the seat, soaking up the sun. He is a real lover. Of making up the past and feeling up his girl, like he’s never felt her figure before.” Daydreamer – Adele (19 – 2008)

Sometimes It Hurts

The world was supposed to go under yesterday; it didn’t. I can’t help but think that would have been for the better. In this world today there are so much pain and sickness. Terrorism scares us all to death, and war is ruining families.

Heartbreak and divorces are also a reason for the pain around us. I don’t know the reason, but I know that there are more that just the heartbroken, divorced grownups that are hurt – the kids are also hurt. I am happy that my parents are still married. I’ve seen the way divorce ruin the best of people, but also how it makes one stronger. I don’t really know why I write about this, but I thought I should address it.

Then again, we can’t walk around and only see the dark side of life. Things happen for a reason, and somewhere down the road: everyone will find their true love.

“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.” Adele – Someone Like You (21 – 2011)