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Love, Don’t Lie

Right now I’ve got three words written on my hand: Love, don’t lie. It’s there to remember me not to lie. I don’t do it often, but when I occasionally lie I feel horrible afterwards. Especially if it’s something big, not the normal “Ops, sorry I forgot it” or “Really, I didn’t see that there!” because they’re not really harmful.

I’m usually good at keeping promises, but recently I broke one. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I needed to know the truth! One good thing came out of it all: I learned the hard way that most promises are worth holding. I knew it before as well, but it was a great reminder.

Truth is that we hear lies every day without realizing. We read them in the newspaper, on the Internet and see them on the television. We hear them on the radio and from our friends. We have to learn how to be critical to what we hear. We have to learn how to be critical to our sources. Many teenagers live in the belief that everything found on the Internet is true, and this shows if you deliver an essay saying that Martin Luther King Jr. was the biggest racist ever born.

These lies are a bit different than a broken promise, but everyone starts one place right? A broken promise may not be the biggest thing in the world, but cheating on a test is kind of a broken promise isn’t it? You promise your teacher that you will not cheat, if you do so you broke a promise. In which case the consequence may be that you fail the test, a broken promise to a friend may end the friendship or just some silent nights.

I don’t know how I ended up rambling way out of subject, maybe it’s because it’s late. I don’t know, and I apologize. Just remind yourself not to lie and don’t break promises!

“I’m screaming, he’s talking over. I’ve asked him twice, says he don’t know her.” Cheryl Cole ft. August – Better To Lie (Messy Little Raindrops – 2010)

The Bright Side Of Life

Ever been an outsider for so long you loose the belief that you can ever become an “insider”? Been that person no one wants to be for so long, you don’t believe you can ever be that some people are jealous of.

I’ve always been that girl, or at least in my mind. I never got good grades, no good in sports and never got boys. I don’t really know when this changed, it just did. I’m not super popular or anything, I’m just comfortable in my own skin and it’s noticeable. I don’t know if it’s because of the fact that I don’t care if people want to be me, or if it’s the fact that I don’t have time to think about it – either one is alright. I think that’s the clue to being happy – not caring – cause if you care, you over think and start being depressed over it.

Us girls – especially – compare ourselves to other girls, scientist say this is the reason so many teenage girls has low self-esteem and confidence. I can’t say that I don’t do that, but I can say that I try not to. It has really worn me down to think badly of myself all the time; it’s always better to see the bright side of things. If a girl is thinner than you, you’ll last longer if you were stuck in an ice-cold igloo. If she always has guys around her, you may have more girl friends than her.

The grass is only greener on the other side if you want it to be. If you open your mind and see things in a positive way, everything will be more positive. This does not mean bad things can’t happen, but more good things will be appreciated.

“All this time I’ve been running in circles, you were right behind. I guess I could’ve met you in the middle, how come it never crossed my mind?” Cheryl Cole – Hummingbird (Messy Little Raindrops – 2010)