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A Child’s Heart

When you turn 16 you are categorized as a grownup, even though you aren’t allowed to do everything yet. When you turn 21 you no longer have an excuse to why you aren’t acting like a grown up. Yes, we are grownups at 16, but when do we really grow up?

We watch Disney movies until the day we die, and we do silly childish things just for fun even though we are far too mature to do it. We play with small kids as a excuse for being childish. We cry over the small things, just as we did when we were five. And we giggle, as we were 16 and head over heels in love when we’re with our best friend, even when we reach the age of 40. No, I’m not 40, my mom is!

I can be fairly mature at times, growing up with my parents’ friends around me all the time. On the other side I can be extremely childish as well. Yes, the more I grow, the more of a child I seem to become.

Weird how everything is, how we seek our childish sides as we grow. Like we’re chasing it before we’re too old. Of course as we grow the “too old” line gets pushed further and further. Yes, in fact, we never seem to be too old to have a child’s heart.

Just always remember to have a serious side, a mature side. And remember to use it at the right time. And remember; you’re never fully grown up.

“I don’t wanna grow up, wish I’d never grown up. It could still be simple.” Taylor Swift – Never Grow Up (Speak Now – 2010)