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Long Live The Geeks

Have you noticed that to be someone in this world you have to know something? And it doesn’t help to just know a little, you got to ace a subject – know something no one else knows.

To be an actor you have to have a genius about you that separates you from the crowd. This also counts for comedians. And although the jokes of a comedian may be funny if they’re totally stupid, and blonde, that means that they have to know how to use their dumbness.

To be a singer/artist you also have to know this, but even more importantly you have to know music. Know what music does to people, how to create a new but yet old sound to the music. You have to be original, but not so much that people won’t listen to it.

Or maybe earn the big cash within the computer business? That means you have to be a great deal of geek to succeed. You know rich computer geeks are the reason we say, “Go for the smart guys, not the pretty ones,” now these days, right?

So in conclusion: the geeks rule the world. They’ve got us all learning all we can do that we have a chance in this man eat man world. It’s fine by me – I like my geeky side. No, correction: I LOVE it! I really do – I mean – what is wrong with being smart? Nothing! This world only proves that you come longer if you’re smart.

Always remember that we are smart on different subjects. Everyone is smart; some just don’t know what their specialties are yet. Being creative is a way of using your smartness. They who draw the most amazing pictures knows how to get the right lines, the right composes. And a personal trainer knows how the body works and which muscles to improve for the wanted result.

Don’t ever forget that you’re smart!

“According to you I’m stupid, I’m useless, I can’t do anything right.” Orianthi – According To You (Believe – 2009)