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I’m just a dreamer

How can one feel lonely while surrounded by friends? How can one disconnect from the conversation completely? Imagination. Dreams. Some say we loose it as we grow older. I disagree.

As we grow older we pretend we don’t have the imagination and the creativity it takes to find out what a straight line on a paper is. In reality we just don’t want to say it. We don’t want to be embarrassed. We don’t want to be different from the others. What if the girl to your right sees the sun, and the boy to your left sees Bob Marley? So what? We were made different; we were made to see that one line in millions of different ways.

Personally, I hope I never loose my imagination, my creativity and my ability to dream. Without those abilities I think I would turn mentally ill. Or maybe my head could finally rest? You know, I wouldn’t start to wonder and imagine what a certain boy is doing, or why my best friend didn’t call me back. But then again what would I think about, Einstein’s special relativity? Well I guess some people already think about that, even me at some occasions, but I don’t think I could survive only thinking about Einstein’s theories. On the other hand I would be super smart! We all would! I’m dreaming now, aren’t I?

“All I do is dream of you, the whole night through. With the dawn I still go on, dreaming of you.” Michael Bublé – All I Do Is Dream Of You (Crazy Love – 2009)