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Tired of Being Home

When you’re in school having a test, you’re tired and all you wish for is to be sick. But when you’re sick and stuck at home in your bed you really miss school.

It’s not all that fun laying in bed all day and not being able to rise up – I can tell you that if you don’t already know it. You’re anti-social, lazy and sick! There is nothing good about any of that. Yes, I was home sick recently.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s useful to catch up on old Glee episodes, but it’s not so good other that that. It’s also kind of depressing lying all by myself in a bed all day long. Yes, chatting is sort of social, but it’s not a life. And let me tell you now; it is no fun to get sick every time you rise up. But I’ll survive some how.

“Tell the bed not to lay, like the open mouth of a grave.” Madonna – Don’t Tell Me (Music – 2000)

Sometimes It Hurts

The world was supposed to go under yesterday; it didn’t. I can’t help but think that would have been for the better. In this world today there are so much pain and sickness. Terrorism scares us all to death, and war is ruining families.

Heartbreak and divorces are also a reason for the pain around us. I don’t know the reason, but I know that there are more that just the heartbroken, divorced grownups that are hurt – the kids are also hurt. I am happy that my parents are still married. I’ve seen the way divorce ruin the best of people, but also how it makes one stronger. I don’t really know why I write about this, but I thought I should address it.

Then again, we can’t walk around and only see the dark side of life. Things happen for a reason, and somewhere down the road: everyone will find their true love.

“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.” Adele – Someone Like You (21 – 2011)

If This Was a Movie

The story starts when a girl is born. As she grows her many diseases are discovered. Yes, she is very sick, but survives. As she starts at school she’s only got one friend in her class. She doesn’t have many friends outside of class either. She spends her days watching Sponge Bob on Nickelodeon. Soon enough she has to fight for her friends, too bad she doesn’t know how. She cries, she screams, but nothing helps. Soon enough she discovers her muscles, and soon enough she learned to only use her muscles in sports. She learned to use her big mouth in the right ways.

Soon enough she feels alone. She feels the need of a loving boy. She closes up; she doesn’t want anyone to know. She becomes insecure. She’s too fat, too lazy, not concentrated, and not good at school. Nothing is good enough.

In comes prince charming. He’s got HUGE muscles. His blue eyes are breathtaking. And his sweet, white smile is heart melting. He can make her day just by giving her a look. He is a soccer player – a good soccer player. He’s not all that good at school, but she can always teach him. Sometimes she feels like she is too smart for him, and other times he is too smart for her. He just has to be perfect.

The blue-eyed boy takes on his black cloak and disappears in the night. When the sun rises the morning after a white horse is seen in the horizon. The prince on top of the white horse has got dark hair. His deep brown eyes make her fall. She falls deep for him, just when she thinks she will never fall in love again. He’s rich and caring. He will never let her down. He will never make her sit alone at Valentines. He likes to bring her presents. And doesn’t miss an opportunity to be with her, even if it’s just for a second. They get married, have a big dream wedding, and have two kids and a big house.

Yes, this is what a fairytale movie would be like. You’re brokenhearted only once, or hopefully never. The shining knight comes riding in on a white horse – or in this case prince. But it’s only a movie – at least for me. For those who are lucky enough to have this movie life, where everything works out in the end are darn lucky. I wish I were that lucky.

“Come back come back to me, like you would you would if this was a movie, stand in the rain outside till I came out.” Taylor swift – If This Was a Movie (Speak Now – 2010)

A Child’s Heart

When you turn 16 you are categorized as a grownup, even though you aren’t allowed to do everything yet. When you turn 21 you no longer have an excuse to why you aren’t acting like a grown up. Yes, we are grownups at 16, but when do we really grow up?

We watch Disney movies until the day we die, and we do silly childish things just for fun even though we are far too mature to do it. We play with small kids as a excuse for being childish. We cry over the small things, just as we did when we were five. And we giggle, as we were 16 and head over heels in love when we’re with our best friend, even when we reach the age of 40. No, I’m not 40, my mom is!

I can be fairly mature at times, growing up with my parents’ friends around me all the time. On the other side I can be extremely childish as well. Yes, the more I grow, the more of a child I seem to become.

Weird how everything is, how we seek our childish sides as we grow. Like we’re chasing it before we’re too old. Of course as we grow the “too old” line gets pushed further and further. Yes, in fact, we never seem to be too old to have a child’s heart.

Just always remember to have a serious side, a mature side. And remember to use it at the right time. And remember; you’re never fully grown up.

“I don’t wanna grow up, wish I’d never grown up. It could still be simple.” Taylor Swift – Never Grow Up (Speak Now – 2010)