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I’ll Be The Judge of That

Where does the line between real and fake go? If you don’t talk you’re fake, if you do talk you’re fake. It seems like in this world we just can’t win.

I’m watching Top Model as I’m writing this, and every season they seem to pick one girl who is fake. We only get a limited perspective of the case though. But it seems we as humans judge the book when we see the title of the book. They always say “Don’t judge the book by its cover!” but for Gods sake don’t judge the book by the title. All in all: it’s better to not judge at all.

I can’t say I don’t judge, because I do. However I can say that it’s not a good thing to judge. I try my best to not judge, and at least give a person a chance before I judge. It’s hard not to judge because it’s in our nature. But according to the scientists it’s in our nature to kill as well, and most of us doesn’t go around killing people everyday.

“I’m just a girl, all pretty and petite. So don’t let me have any rights!” No Doubt – Just a Girl (Tragic Kingdom – 1995)