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Thoughts About Celebrities

Influences are something we all have. All the time, whether we like to admit it or not. And some of our biggest influences as teenagers are celebrities. Yes, those people we like to talk about like they are immortal and perfect. Is that something to live up to?

I don’t know about you, but I would not fall head over heels for a perfect guy. This may sound odd, but I believe that it’s someone flaws we fall in love with. Yes, the flaws. Well, they say that no one is perfect before you fall in love, right? That means that we’ve fallen in love with someone’s flaws, am I not right?

Back to the celebrities: they are tall, pretty and flawless. They follow the rules, entertain us, make us happy and they are super smart. Wait a second! They aren’t all tall, or even skinny. Not everyone is drop-dead beautiful, or maybe even pretty. And they are far from flawless. Not everyone follows the rules, someone doesn’t even entertain us (!), and the smart part: some are, some aren’t. Conclusion? They aren’t all that special. And they are definitely not perfect, even tough we’d like them to be. They end up in jail for driving under the influence, doing drugs or some other stupid thing. They get fooled by managers and sued for all their money. Yes, that is the ugly truth of a celebrity; just a normal person, like you and me (plus some paparazzi’s, some extra cash, and expensive clothes).

Well that isn’t completely fair. There is a reason we love them so much. For me it’s musicians: I just love good music. And a good live musician is something that doesn’t come around often these days. And actors and actress, well, it’s a lot about the looks. I mean, if they’re just horrible actors I don’t like them, but common: it’s almost just about the looks these days! And that is not good for us “mortals”. Pressure from ourselves when it comes too looks. And form a girl’s perspective: we compare ourselves to EVERYONE! Not an ideal situation, especially not for your mental health. Man, I’m feeling down just writing about this!

In the end we are as immortal as the celebrities, they are as perfect as us and our flaws is what defines us. Sounds pretty or?

“I don’t know how more people haven’t got mental health problems. Thinking is one of the most stressful things I’ve ever come across!” Kate Nash – Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt (My Best Friend Is You -2010)