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Illuminati Theories

Ever heard of “safe music”? Ever wondered what “safe music” is?

Well, that sort of depends on whom you ask. Highly religious Christian people may say that rock and hip-hop does NOT fall under this group. Or that electro is far from safe, but in fact “safe music” has nothing to do with the genre it is. Not if you ask illuminati believers and opponents.

There are these believes that musicians have sold their souls to “Rain man”, or Satan if you like, and hide messages in their music videos and lyrics. These messages are visible to us, but still we don’t notice them. And even if we do notice them, we let them pass. We let them pass ‘cause we’re used to them. The triangle and the eye, haven’t we all seen them? I know for a fact that I’ve just let them pass for almost all my life, just because I didn’t know what it meant. Well I sort of knew, but never really took the time and effort to fully understand it. Now, after watching some videos on YouTube, I think that my ignorance may have paid me well. Those videos are rather freaky!

But back to “safe music”: Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, Rihanna and Katy Perry are supposedly some of the musicians who have sold their souls (documentation was scary good!). Jay-Z and Katy supposedly also talked about it to the media. I mean: it could have had another meaning. Taylor Swift is according to an other video also supposed to have sold her soul because of a certain hand gesture and the fact that she’s worn a red dress (or really more than once), that video was not believable. But further on in “the series” it starts being a laugh. Yes, there are things in this world that doesn’t quite add up. Some loose ends are for example deaths of celebrities like Michael Jackson, but honestly I don’t think the illuminati is as powerful as these videos would like then to be. Then again I will admit that there is something fish in this world we’re living in, and there are some things we don’t control. I just think there is something/someone else behind it. You can go to YouTube and search for “THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED” if you’d like to watch it youself.

Still: the faces, the codes and signs are scary. I know for a fact that I’m listening to hard-core Christian country for a few days now, just to be on the safe side with my sanity.

“Don’t forget to throw in a little forgivin’, and lovin’ on the way. You better get to knowin’, showin’, a little bit more concerned about where you’re goin’.”
Dolly Parton – Better Get To Livin’ (Backwoods Barbie – 2007)

The Cinderella-dream

I guess I’ve always believed in the fairytale endings. The Romeo and Juliet, two people destined to meet and fall in love. Cinderella and the prince, live happily ever after. But as I grow up and see all the pain and heartbreak around me it’s harder and harder to believe in this theory.

When I was six years old I sincerely believed that my first boyfriend would be my last. We would meet young, get married by the time we were 20, and have two kids – two identical-boy-twins. As I grew older this vision of mine change drastically. I saw all the pain a boy could make. One little, stupid, ego boy could ruin a whole life.

I don’t know when I realized all this, but somewhere down the road I started thinking of boys as devils. Yes, they’re like devils in disguise. In daytime they lurk you in, and when the moon rises up they tear out you heart and make you feel those feelings you don’t want to feel (yes, this is similar the way Carrie Underwood described it in her song “Cowboy Casanova”). I don’t think they do it on purpose, but I still place every boy in this category. Even though I believe that out there there’s a boy who will never leave me, never stop loving me, never hurt me and never hide anything for me. Still, I haven’t categorized any boy under this category yet.

Why don’t girls trust boys? Well, some does, but deep inside: we really don’t trust them. We’re born not to trust. We’re born with a jealous heart. Again, not every girl is like this. I mean we trust, we just don’t fully trust. We’ve got out guards up to not get hurt, but often they are the ones who’ll burn us. You know: you come to a conclusion, say he’s cheating, but really he was planning a surprise for you. This leads to a fight, which eventually leads to two broken hearts, all because a woman can never fully trust. Or maybe it’s the man who is sneaky and is never really trustworthy? I’m really no the one to jump to a conclusion on this subject; I’m just airing my thoughts.

Now, when it comes to boys understanding of women: we are not all that complicated! We just want to feel loved and safe. We want to feel special. That isn’t all that hard is it, to give a compliment once in a while, or to ask, “How was your day?” and truly care about the answer? It doesn’t take all that much energy, really! Open you mouth and talk, that’s all. Think all of the marriages that would be saved if people just talked, and really said what was on their mind. Well, some were domed form the start, but it would have helped a bit at least.

Back to the Cinderella-dream: every little girl dreams of real love and a happily ever after, but what about boys? In the teenage years it seems like most of them only want to get a girl in to bed, and never really get their feelings involved. Do they dream about happily ever after? Or does one need two X chromosomes’ to have this dream?

After airing my thoughts I’ve reached this conclusion: when I find that boy who have “the Cinderella-dream”, and who will never cheat on me I’m never letting go!

“Am I a stupid girl, for even dreaming that I could?” Katy Perry – Not Like The Movies (Teenage Dream – 2010)