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Tired of Being Home

When you’re in school having a test, you’re tired and all you wish for is to be sick. But when you’re sick and stuck at home in your bed you really miss school.

It’s not all that fun laying in bed all day and not being able to rise up – I can tell you that if you don’t already know it. You’re anti-social, lazy and sick! There is nothing good about any of that. Yes, I was home sick recently.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s useful to catch up on old Glee episodes, but it’s not so good other that that. It’s also kind of depressing lying all by myself in a bed all day long. Yes, chatting is sort of social, but it’s not a life. And let me tell you now; it is no fun to get sick every time you rise up. But I’ll survive some how.

“Tell the bed not to lay, like the open mouth of a grave.” Madonna – Don’t Tell Me (Music – 2000)