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When Someone Wants To Move

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when you leave the nest. When you leave your childhood home, alone or together with someone. Either way, you most likely won’t live in the same house your whole life. Maybe your parents’ gets a divorce, and you move away with one or both parents. Maybe you leave for collage, or university, or just getting out of there and stating your own life. Maybe you move out with a ring around your finger. Or in my case, your parents decide that they’re tired of lawn mowing and trimming hedges.

No, I am not happy about their decisions. In fact I hate it. I want to stay here, here where I feel safe. Here where I got to know all my friends. In the living room where I used to watch SpongeBob square pants, and later watching MTV for just a few minutes before leaving for school. In my two bedrooms where I as a little girl “played” music with my friends, or danced around the room singing early Maria Mena lyrics phonetically correct. And in the bedroom where I later learned to actually play guitar, and dace around singing Taylor Swift lyrics perfectly correct. The staircase where I got my first kiss, the bathroom with perfect acoustics to help me practice my singing.

Another reason not to leave is the fact that over the last 13 years or so we’ve kept renovating every single room in the house. Everything is never perfect. Because when we’ve gotten to the last room my dad says it’s been such a long time since the first room was renovated so he starts over. I mean, yes, it was a relief to get rid of the yellow walls and the green couch in the living room. But when I had finally gotten my parents to agree to paint my room yellow, they decide that they shall sleep there and that meant painting it white. And we all know perfectly well that even though the new apartment is perfect there is always something that need to be renovated. Oh yes, I said apartment. They want to move me into an apartment building! Now when I’m a teenager and probably at my loudest they decide to move me in to a building with many other people. Great. Everyone will hear me singing in the shower, out of the shower, and I will probably stop singing again! I don’t know if I can handle that right now. Yes it sounds silly, but guitar and singing is all I’ve got now because I can’t train. I am just devastated. It’s not like they haven’t mentioned it before, but last time it ended up with them renovating one of the bathrooms. So why move out under a year after building the dream bathroom? How far do you think they would go to prove they love me?

“How do I lie awake now, when I know I’ve got to be moving on? How do I lie awake now, when nothing’s right and nothing’s wrong?” Lie Awake – Alison Krauss And The Union Station (Paper Airplane – 2011)