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Those Sweet Six Strings

I love my guitar. I love to sit down and play for myself. I like the way the guitar sounds. They say a piano keys sounds like a million colors even though they are only black and white. But the six strings on a guitar can make just the same wonders, and it’s easier to carry around!

A song with only a guitar can be the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard. I’m not saying that a piano song can’t, I love the piano too – I do! But there’s something about the guitar, the six strings of steel. They can sound like velvet if you play them right. They can portray the greatest of pain, and the most joyful tunes.

I’m sitting in the bed listening to a great CD packed with great use of guitars. The guitar fills the songs so beautifully it’s a joy to even hear the heartbreaking pain in some of the songs.

Music was made to enjoy. To show emotion. To feel the emotion. Taylor Swift once said, “When a song describes a feeling you can’t explain yourself, it becomes your favorite song.” I agree with her. And we know that if a songwriter put their heart in the song the song becomes more relatable, and this only proves Taylors saying. Taylor herself writes with more than just her heart, she writes with her memory. She writes thing exactly how they where: what the clock was, where it happened, what color his eyes where, what he made her feel and even his name. Some people don’t like Taylor and that’s okay, but no one can say that she doesn’t write her heart out in a song.

“On a tank of gas and an empty heart, But I’ve got everything I’ll ever need. I got this old guitar and a brand new set of strings.” Miranda Lambert – New Strings (Kerosene – 2005)

There’s this boy, enough said.

There’s this boy, and lets just say I’m not good with boys. So now what? I feel stupid for trying to get closer to this guy I like. And I’m almost broken-hearted since I don’t! You know: he’s made me cry just by not being on the computer to talk to me. But, but, but! He’s got me feeling my heart for the first time in two years (and I’ve had a boyfriend since then)!

He has this way of making me feel. For better or for worse, he makes me feel something! And I don’t know if it’s a guilty pleasure thing, but it’s like a drug. I just can’t get enough. I guess that’s just love?

But it’s so lonely being alone in love. Well, that sort of makes sense: alone in love, you’re alone for crying out loud! And all I can think about now is that I want him right here, right now! Wouldn’t that be great? He could be here and heal my wounds. (Note to self: GIRL! STOP DREAMING!)

“Baby bring me down. I want to be right where you are.” Miranda Lambert – Bring Me Down (Kerosene – 2005)