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From This Moment On

I read Shania Twains self-biography From This Moment On while on vacation. I would strongly recommend her fans, book lovers and pretty much just anyone who is interested in learning something to read the book.

I am a huge fan of Shania’s music, or Eileen, and reading her life story just made me appreciate her music even more. I see a lot of my self in Shania, but even more; I see a lot of Taylor Swift in Shania. This makes sense seeing that Shania is, probably, Taylor’s biggest inspiration.

Shania definitely has not lived an easy life. She was born into a violent and rather poor family. She had to take much of her mothers’ role in the family at an early age, and this shaped the woman that she is today. Shania truly opens up in her book and explains her pain during her childhood, how she coped when her parents died, how exhausted she was during endless tours and how she broke down when her (ex-) husband cheated on her with her best friend. Shania describes the effort she put in her “perfect appearance” and the struggles to let it go and show vulnerability.

At the end of her book Shania writes about how she views herself and how she compares herself with other, younger women. I believe practically every girl or woman out there does this, we compare ourselves to those we know are prettier than us. It’s a stupid thing to do really.

After all of Shania’s uphill battles, and after all the climbing, she found her place and her happiness. I don’t know what to say, Shania just opens up and let everyone in on what she’s been up to and why she is the person she is today. An above it all: the book has a happy ending!

“From this moment, life has begun. From this moment, you are the one.  Right beside you is where I belong, from this moment on.” From This Moment On – Shania Twain (Come On Over – 1997)

The Sun Will Always Shine After The Storm

I can’t stand being confused and insecure. I go back and forth inside my head. Thinking about all possible outcomes of whatever the situation. I swear one day my head will explode form over thinking.

A confused teenage girl is not the best thing in the world. Personally I have a feeling that everything I do is wrong. I take hours just to figure out whether I am happy or sad. I’m super tired of not knowing everything. I wish I could adapt Einstein’s brain and be super smart, at least then I wouldn’t have to be concerned about school and grades. It’s just a phase, right? So one day everything will be clear again, I hope.

I’ve got everything coming my way lately: new CDs, summer vacation soon here, some extra days off at school and the sun is reported to shine very soon. I’ve got plenty of time to work on my guitar and photography skills, even tough I doubt I will get any better. Hoping for a great summer, and less confusion!

“I’m finally broken, falling too far, burned up in pieces from chasing your stars. With twilight approaching all that I’ve seen, I could never get over what you’ve done to me.” NEEDTOBREATHE – What You’ve Done To Me (The Outsiders – 2009)

Those Sweet Six Strings

I love my guitar. I love to sit down and play for myself. I like the way the guitar sounds. They say a piano keys sounds like a million colors even though they are only black and white. But the six strings on a guitar can make just the same wonders, and it’s easier to carry around!

A song with only a guitar can be the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard. I’m not saying that a piano song can’t, I love the piano too – I do! But there’s something about the guitar, the six strings of steel. They can sound like velvet if you play them right. They can portray the greatest of pain, and the most joyful tunes.

I’m sitting in the bed listening to a great CD packed with great use of guitars. The guitar fills the songs so beautifully it’s a joy to even hear the heartbreaking pain in some of the songs.

Music was made to enjoy. To show emotion. To feel the emotion. Taylor Swift once said, “When a song describes a feeling you can’t explain yourself, it becomes your favorite song.” I agree with her. And we know that if a songwriter put their heart in the song the song becomes more relatable, and this only proves Taylors saying. Taylor herself writes with more than just her heart, she writes with her memory. She writes thing exactly how they where: what the clock was, where it happened, what color his eyes where, what he made her feel and even his name. Some people don’t like Taylor and that’s okay, but no one can say that she doesn’t write her heart out in a song.

“On a tank of gas and an empty heart, But I’ve got everything I’ll ever need. I got this old guitar and a brand new set of strings.” Miranda Lambert – New Strings (Kerosene – 2005)

Long Live The Geeks

Have you noticed that to be someone in this world you have to know something? And it doesn’t help to just know a little, you got to ace a subject – know something no one else knows.

To be an actor you have to have a genius about you that separates you from the crowd. This also counts for comedians. And although the jokes of a comedian may be funny if they’re totally stupid, and blonde, that means that they have to know how to use their dumbness.

To be a singer/artist you also have to know this, but even more importantly you have to know music. Know what music does to people, how to create a new but yet old sound to the music. You have to be original, but not so much that people won’t listen to it.

Or maybe earn the big cash within the computer business? That means you have to be a great deal of geek to succeed. You know rich computer geeks are the reason we say, “Go for the smart guys, not the pretty ones,” now these days, right?

So in conclusion: the geeks rule the world. They’ve got us all learning all we can do that we have a chance in this man eat man world. It’s fine by me – I like my geeky side. No, correction: I LOVE it! I really do – I mean – what is wrong with being smart? Nothing! This world only proves that you come longer if you’re smart.

Always remember that we are smart on different subjects. Everyone is smart; some just don’t know what their specialties are yet. Being creative is a way of using your smartness. They who draw the most amazing pictures knows how to get the right lines, the right composes. And a personal trainer knows how the body works and which muscles to improve for the wanted result.

Don’t ever forget that you’re smart!

“According to you I’m stupid, I’m useless, I can’t do anything right.” Orianthi – According To You (Believe – 2009)

My Religions

Ever thought of soccer as a religion? Well for those who are engaged enough it becomes a religion. Well, sort of. The best thing is the feeling of family in the community of fans. Yes, the fans of a soccer team become sort of a family. Win together. Loose together. Smile together. Cry together. Celebrate together, always.

But of soccer is a religion than there are so many other sports are religions too, right? Hockey, American football, tennis, handball, lacrosse and so many more. But there is one religion we should not forget: Music.

Music is one of the most important religions out there. ‘Cause when your soccer team won a match and you are celebrating, you most likely celebrate with music. Right? And when you heart is broken by a guy (or girl) you turn to music, or at least that’s what I do. I just love music, but it’s not my only religion. I guess I’m a religion cheater; I belong to more than three religions. First of all the religions that we all count as religions: I’m Christian. Then the sports religions: Soccer, handball and hockey all the way! And of course music, couldn’t live without it! I probably belong to other religions as well, but these are the once I count as my main religions.

Of course as the geek I am I see a lot of holes in my Christian beliefs story, but at the same time I see a lot of holes in the scientific theories. Finding the balance can be hard, but for now I’ll just let my mind philosophize over those questions as they come.

“Neanderthals developed tools, we built a wall (we built the pyramids), math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries, that all started with the big bang!” Barenaked Ladies -The Big Bang Theory Theme Song (No CD)

Make me smile

Why is it that we go from being head over heels in love with a guy, to be sad every time we hear his name? The worst thing is; he doesn’t even know any of this, and he hasn’t really done something wrong. Well, sometimes he has, in this case: him not doing anything was what was wrong.

I’m taking it one step at a time. I’ve been so happy lately, it’s hard remembering how to become happy. I just expected to wake up happy, and stay happy forever. Now I’m sitting here thinking what I can do to get a smile back on my face again. I must admit that I just LOVE being happy. Being sad is just- well – sad. I often turn to music in times of sadness, but sometimes (like now) it only makes me sadder. It seems like I can’t win this fight.

One day, when I’m happy again, everything will be great. Yes, that day I will smile, I will laugh, and I will sing all the love songs I know. But for now, when I’m not so happy I will put up a frown, sing sad songs, write depressing blog posts (like this), and look depressingly on television in lack of anything else to do.

Yes, boys are stupid. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe I just fall for the wrong guys. I used to be so happy, smile all day long. Now, my heart is sinking to the bottom of my stomach and I struggle to put up a fake smile. How is that fair, and how is that possible? I was happy yesterday, today: not so much. Tomorrow: hopefully happy, or at least happier than today!

“But you don’t love me anymore, you don’t want me anymore.” Leona Lewis – Homeless (Spirit – 2007)

Illuminati Theories

Ever heard of “safe music”? Ever wondered what “safe music” is?

Well, that sort of depends on whom you ask. Highly religious Christian people may say that rock and hip-hop does NOT fall under this group. Or that electro is far from safe, but in fact “safe music” has nothing to do with the genre it is. Not if you ask illuminati believers and opponents.

There are these believes that musicians have sold their souls to “Rain man”, or Satan if you like, and hide messages in their music videos and lyrics. These messages are visible to us, but still we don’t notice them. And even if we do notice them, we let them pass. We let them pass ‘cause we’re used to them. The triangle and the eye, haven’t we all seen them? I know for a fact that I’ve just let them pass for almost all my life, just because I didn’t know what it meant. Well I sort of knew, but never really took the time and effort to fully understand it. Now, after watching some videos on YouTube, I think that my ignorance may have paid me well. Those videos are rather freaky!

But back to “safe music”: Jay-Z, Eminem, Kanye West, Rihanna and Katy Perry are supposedly some of the musicians who have sold their souls (documentation was scary good!). Jay-Z and Katy supposedly also talked about it to the media. I mean: it could have had another meaning. Taylor Swift is according to an other video also supposed to have sold her soul because of a certain hand gesture and the fact that she’s worn a red dress (or really more than once), that video was not believable. But further on in “the series” it starts being a laugh. Yes, there are things in this world that doesn’t quite add up. Some loose ends are for example deaths of celebrities like Michael Jackson, but honestly I don’t think the illuminati is as powerful as these videos would like then to be. Then again I will admit that there is something fish in this world we’re living in, and there are some things we don’t control. I just think there is something/someone else behind it. You can go to YouTube and search for “THE MUSIC INDUSTRY EXPOSED” if you’d like to watch it youself.

Still: the faces, the codes and signs are scary. I know for a fact that I’m listening to hard-core Christian country for a few days now, just to be on the safe side with my sanity.

“Don’t forget to throw in a little forgivin’, and lovin’ on the way. You better get to knowin’, showin’, a little bit more concerned about where you’re goin’.”
Dolly Parton – Better Get To Livin’ (Backwoods Barbie – 2007)