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My Religions

Ever thought of soccer as a religion? Well for those who are engaged enough it becomes a religion. Well, sort of. The best thing is the feeling of family in the community of fans. Yes, the fans of a soccer team become sort of a family. Win together. Loose together. Smile together. Cry together. Celebrate together, always.

But of soccer is a religion than there are so many other sports are religions too, right? Hockey, American football, tennis, handball, lacrosse and so many more. But there is one religion we should not forget: Music.

Music is one of the most important religions out there. ‘Cause when your soccer team won a match and you are celebrating, you most likely celebrate with music. Right? And when you heart is broken by a guy (or girl) you turn to music, or at least that’s what I do. I just love music, but it’s not my only religion. I guess I’m a religion cheater; I belong to more than three religions. First of all the religions that we all count as religions: I’m Christian. Then the sports religions: Soccer, handball and hockey all the way! And of course music, couldn’t live without it! I probably belong to other religions as well, but these are the once I count as my main religions.

Of course as the geek I am I see a lot of holes in my Christian beliefs story, but at the same time I see a lot of holes in the scientific theories. Finding the balance can be hard, but for now I’ll just let my mind philosophize over those questions as they come.

“Neanderthals developed tools, we built a wall (we built the pyramids), math, science, history, unraveling the mysteries, that all started with the big bang!” Barenaked Ladies -The Big Bang Theory Theme Song (No CD)

If This Was a Movie

The story starts when a girl is born. As she grows her many diseases are discovered. Yes, she is very sick, but survives. As she starts at school she’s only got one friend in her class. She doesn’t have many friends outside of class either. She spends her days watching Sponge Bob on Nickelodeon. Soon enough she has to fight for her friends, too bad she doesn’t know how. She cries, she screams, but nothing helps. Soon enough she discovers her muscles, and soon enough she learned to only use her muscles in sports. She learned to use her big mouth in the right ways.

Soon enough she feels alone. She feels the need of a loving boy. She closes up; she doesn’t want anyone to know. She becomes insecure. She’s too fat, too lazy, not concentrated, and not good at school. Nothing is good enough.

In comes prince charming. He’s got HUGE muscles. His blue eyes are breathtaking. And his sweet, white smile is heart melting. He can make her day just by giving her a look. He is a soccer player – a good soccer player. He’s not all that good at school, but she can always teach him. Sometimes she feels like she is too smart for him, and other times he is too smart for her. He just has to be perfect.

The blue-eyed boy takes on his black cloak and disappears in the night. When the sun rises the morning after a white horse is seen in the horizon. The prince on top of the white horse has got dark hair. His deep brown eyes make her fall. She falls deep for him, just when she thinks she will never fall in love again. He’s rich and caring. He will never let her down. He will never make her sit alone at Valentines. He likes to bring her presents. And doesn’t miss an opportunity to be with her, even if it’s just for a second. They get married, have a big dream wedding, and have two kids and a big house.

Yes, this is what a fairytale movie would be like. You’re brokenhearted only once, or hopefully never. The shining knight comes riding in on a white horse – or in this case prince. But it’s only a movie – at least for me. For those who are lucky enough to have this movie life, where everything works out in the end are darn lucky. I wish I were that lucky.

“Come back come back to me, like you would you would if this was a movie, stand in the rain outside till I came out.” Taylor swift – If This Was a Movie (Speak Now – 2010)