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Those Sweet Six Strings

I love my guitar. I love to sit down and play for myself. I like the way the guitar sounds. They say a piano keys sounds like a million colors even though they are only black and white. But the six strings on a guitar can make just the same wonders, and it’s easier to carry around!

A song with only a guitar can be the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard. I’m not saying that a piano song can’t, I love the piano too – I do! But there’s something about the guitar, the six strings of steel. They can sound like velvet if you play them right. They can portray the greatest of pain, and the most joyful tunes.

I’m sitting in the bed listening to a great CD packed with great use of guitars. The guitar fills the songs so beautifully it’s a joy to even hear the heartbreaking pain in some of the songs.

Music was made to enjoy. To show emotion. To feel the emotion. Taylor Swift once said, “When a song describes a feeling you can’t explain yourself, it becomes your favorite song.” I agree with her. And we know that if a songwriter put their heart in the song the song becomes more relatable, and this only proves Taylors saying. Taylor herself writes with more than just her heart, she writes with her memory. She writes thing exactly how they where: what the clock was, where it happened, what color his eyes where, what he made her feel and even his name. Some people don’t like Taylor and that’s okay, but no one can say that she doesn’t write her heart out in a song.

“On a tank of gas and an empty heart, But I’ve got everything I’ll ever need. I got this old guitar and a brand new set of strings.” Miranda Lambert – New Strings (Kerosene – 2005)


Love, Don’t Lie

Right now I’ve got three words written on my hand: Love, don’t lie. It’s there to remember me not to lie. I don’t do it often, but when I occasionally lie I feel horrible afterwards. Especially if it’s something big, not the normal “Ops, sorry I forgot it” or “Really, I didn’t see that there!” because they’re not really harmful.

I’m usually good at keeping promises, but recently I broke one. I know I shouldn’t have done it, but I needed to know the truth! One good thing came out of it all: I learned the hard way that most promises are worth holding. I knew it before as well, but it was a great reminder.

Truth is that we hear lies every day without realizing. We read them in the newspaper, on the Internet and see them on the television. We hear them on the radio and from our friends. We have to learn how to be critical to what we hear. We have to learn how to be critical to our sources. Many teenagers live in the belief that everything found on the Internet is true, and this shows if you deliver an essay saying that Martin Luther King Jr. was the biggest racist ever born.

These lies are a bit different than a broken promise, but everyone starts one place right? A broken promise may not be the biggest thing in the world, but cheating on a test is kind of a broken promise isn’t it? You promise your teacher that you will not cheat, if you do so you broke a promise. In which case the consequence may be that you fail the test, a broken promise to a friend may end the friendship or just some silent nights.

I don’t know how I ended up rambling way out of subject, maybe it’s because it’s late. I don’t know, and I apologize. Just remind yourself not to lie and don’t break promises!

“I’m screaming, he’s talking over. I’ve asked him twice, says he don’t know her.” Cheryl Cole ft. August – Better To Lie (Messy Little Raindrops – 2010)

Almost Bulletproof

Who decides what cheating is? Some define it as a kiss; others say it’s when you sleep with another person. But doesn’t it feel like cheating when someone is together with you and they have feeling for someone else?

I have one rule when it comes to relationships: if I like someone else I tell the guy I’m in a relationship with and break up (unless he refuses for some reason of course). I don’t have the heart to lie to a boy saying that I have feelings for him, when in fact my heart belongs to someone else. I could never kiss someone, and far from sleep with someone. And when the guy you’re “dating” knows this about you, wouldn’t the same rules apply to him as well? Maybe not, but it would be nice to know. Wouldn’t it?

Apparently I’ve been lied to for quite some time. Correction: almost trough the whole relationship. I did realize something was off, but I didn’t have proof. Now, some months after it ended I hear about it. I don’t really care: I’m over him. But I am a bit angry because I could never do that to him, and he knew that. I feel as if guys just use my trust to have “fun”. It hurts. Not because I love him, but because I put my trust in the wrong guy and believed his lies.

It’s all in the past and doesn’t really matter, but guys should know by now: a woman/girl always knows. We may not be bulletproof, but we know when something is off. Still we stick with him and tell ourselves that it will end and he will come to realize that we love him. He knows we will never leave and uses it to it’s full potential, until one day we leave. Yes, we’re brave when we want to be.

But boys: don’t, ‘cause she will know!

“Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats!” Carrie Underwood – Before He Cheats (Some Hearts – 2005)

When The Family Get Together

Why is it that every family dinner is a disaster, someone always ends up hurt or angry – or drunk. Isn’t family supposed to be the ones you go to for support? If so, why don’t we get along?

I live in belief that my family don’t understand me, and don’t respect the fact that I need space. I know that it’s not all their fault, but I’m not ready to be the bigger person just yet. I’m still trying to keep calm when around my family; they frustrate me a bit too much. Don’t get me wrong: I don’t hate them or anything, but they push my buttons.

How many TV-series and movies have not shown the worst family thanksgivings and Christmas dinners? I must admit I have never been to a family dinner where the house has been set on fire, or a food fight started because my moms’ mother disagreed with my dads’ mother or anything like that. But alcohol sure starts a discussion fast. Why did anyone start making alcohol? That person sure didn’t see how much problem the alcohol would cause in the future.

I know that I’m blessed for not living in a poor family, or a family with addiction problems or something like that, but still I manage to find things to complain about. I know it sounds a bit bratty, but family dinners are never “the time of your life” no matter how cool your family is. It’s kind of weird, we share DNA and still we manage to be so different and annoy each other so much. I’m no University Master in psychology, so I’m not going to think too much about this or come to any conclusion, but it’s a good thought exercise when you’re waiting for a bus or something!

“With the lights out, it’s less dangerous. Here we are now, entertain us!” Nirvana – Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nevermind – 1991)

Not On The Same Page

You know how guys always say that girls are so complicated? Well, I think they’re wrong. Some girls are, but most girls just want to be loved. They also say that they’re so easy to understand, and that all they want is a sandwich and some different loving. Personally I think they’re wrong about this too.

I think boys are super complicated, or can be at least. I never seem to know where I have them. I never understand what they mean, and I take it the wrong way. They get my hopes up, and crush them down. Personally I don’t think it’s their fault, or mine. It’s a situation of misunderstanding. I don’t speak boy language, and they don’t speak girl language. In time I guess this will be sorted out and we will live a happily ever after, but in the meantime what do I do?

Also I don’t think they are as cold hearted as they appear. They always act so tough, but that can’t be the case. I see all these men walking around with their heart on their sleeve, ready to be hurt and willing to love. Most boys have it in them, but most boys don’t show us. And when they’re too late and another boy have, they end up hurting. Well, that’s how I see it anyways.

My perspective may be limited, but right now, that’s how I see it. What I want? I’ll quote Kelly Clarksons “Where Is Your Heart” form her Breakaway (2004) cd, “Where is your heart? ‘Cause I don’t really feel you. What I really want is to believe you. Is it so hard, to give me what I need? I want your heart to bleed, that’s all I’m asking for.” (It’s a bit edited).

You know some guys want women to come with an instruction manual, here is mine: I want to feel you hurt, I want to feel you love, I want to know what you’re thinking. That’s all, seriously.

“’Cause there’s only one thing I want. If it’s not what you’re made of, you’re not what I’m looking for. You were willing but unable to give me anymore.” Lucie Silvas – What You’re Made Of (Breathe In – 2004)

Tired of Being Home

When you’re in school having a test, you’re tired and all you wish for is to be sick. But when you’re sick and stuck at home in your bed you really miss school.

It’s not all that fun laying in bed all day and not being able to rise up – I can tell you that if you don’t already know it. You’re anti-social, lazy and sick! There is nothing good about any of that. Yes, I was home sick recently.

Don’t get me wrong: it’s useful to catch up on old Glee episodes, but it’s not so good other that that. It’s also kind of depressing lying all by myself in a bed all day long. Yes, chatting is sort of social, but it’s not a life. And let me tell you now; it is no fun to get sick every time you rise up. But I’ll survive some how.

“Tell the bed not to lay, like the open mouth of a grave.” Madonna – Don’t Tell Me (Music – 2000)

Sometimes It Hurts

The world was supposed to go under yesterday; it didn’t. I can’t help but think that would have been for the better. In this world today there are so much pain and sickness. Terrorism scares us all to death, and war is ruining families.

Heartbreak and divorces are also a reason for the pain around us. I don’t know the reason, but I know that there are more that just the heartbroken, divorced grownups that are hurt – the kids are also hurt. I am happy that my parents are still married. I’ve seen the way divorce ruin the best of people, but also how it makes one stronger. I don’t really know why I write about this, but I thought I should address it.

Then again, we can’t walk around and only see the dark side of life. Things happen for a reason, and somewhere down the road: everyone will find their true love.

“Sometimes it lasts in love, but sometimes it hurts instead.” Adele – Someone Like You (21 – 2011)