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Pray For Norway

This Thursday, 22nd of July, Norway faced one of the most horrible days since the Second World War. The day started as any other day: people went to work, to town, to festivals, starred at the TV to see who would win the Tour de France lap and got ready to travel away form the rain. When the clock was about 15.20 the horrible day started. A bomb went off. The bomb was placed outside of the Prime ministers office. The bomb set marks in a huge area in Oslo. Norway was in shock: a terror attack in Norway, the land who’s known to make peace.

About two hours later a policeman stepped on a little island where a labor youth camp held place. He gathered people in the main house and said he was there to talk about the bombs in Oslo. The policeman was armed and soon started to shoot the teenagers and adults at the camp. He was not a real policeman. He was a fraud.

It took the police about an hour to gather forces, arm up and save the kids. When the police found the man he gave himself up and got arrested. The fake policeman was also responsible for the bombing.

That one Norwegian man killed over 70 people in just a few hours, most of the people he killed were under the age of 25 years. The 22nd of July was a black day in Norway. And the 22nd of July 2011 will always be a black day in Norwegian history.

“Cause you’ve started a war that shouldn’t be, fighting an imaginary enemy. And you say you do this for the nation’s sake, so is killing the best you can do.” For The Nation – Ida Jenshus (Color Of The Sun – 2008)

My heart is with everyone who lost a family member or friend in Norway because of this. “Today we are all Norwegian. Idag er vi alle AUFere.”
Pray For Norway.